Our Collaborations

Because the CPNDS often studies serious but rare ADRs, collaboration among different research groups is essential for pharmacogenomic discovery and replication studies. Replication science is critical to understand the generalizability and robustness of discovery findings. Collaboration with drug regulators and healthcare institutions is also key in understanding drug safety needs and implementing pharmacogenomics in clinical practice.

Partners include:

Join Our Network

The CPNDS can provide:

  • A Canada-wide active surveillance network for investigating ADRs
  • Infrastructure to ensure data quality and completeness
  • Genomic data and longitudinal clinical database
  • A network of staff and scientists trained in the development of pharmacogenomic tests

We would be interested in studies involving variation in drug response, drug effectiveness and safety, pharmacoepidemiology, investigation of drug safety signals, machine learning, and real-world data (RWD) in drug therapy.

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