Patients who have experienced an ADR, can be referred by physicians, pharmacists, or nurses at participating CPNDS sites across Canada. We also encourage the enrollment of patients who have taken medication without experiencing an adverse reaction so we can compare their DNA to those who suffered an adverse outcome.

Are individual patient test results available?

No. This is to ensure the privacy of participants is maintained as no one is identifiable once enrolled in the project. At this time, CPNDS is engaged in important research to determine how genetics play a role in the development of serious ADRs, not the clinical care of patients. Since the impact of these findings on the clinical care of patients is under study and not yet confirmed, only summary results of our findings will be released as they become available and will be posted on this website.

Privacy protection

All specimens sent to our laboratory are labeled with a unique identification number and bear no other patient information, ensuring confidentiality. Furthermore, all published results are in summary form to guarantee the anonymity of participants.

Will DNA samples be used for other purposes?

No. The samples collected by CPNDS will only be used for the purpose of researching adverse drug reactions. They will not be used for any other purpose.